As a major bonus, the plane is super fuel-efficient, so the entire flight actually takes less time than normal – and it’s better for the environment, too. I also suggest reading through this complete write-up by Annette at The Bucket List Journey, who was also on my trip! But Norway in the winter sounds like it would be cool. Alta is best known for its stunning views of the Northern Lights, and it also makes an excellent entry point for an Arctic adventure. Each joik is meant to reflect or evoke a person, animal, or place through song (sometimes with words, sometimes without). Vy express – travel with bus throughout Norway. It’s definitely worth braving the cold Norwegian winter night to see them! The Lofoten Islands were originally fishing civilizations, so many of the best activities revolve around boating, marine life, and exploring the surrounding fjords. If you look online you will see dozens of companies promoting campervan, motorhome or caravan rentals. Please try again. We went to Norway in the winter a few years ago. I share with you the best destination guides, show you off the beaten path destinations, and outdoor adventures. A post shared by Beyza M. (@bmseventh) on Feb 9, 2019 at 5:23am PST. Quiet villages, hiking trails and spectacular scenery await. By around the 5th or 6th Norwegian, your courage – and body temperature – will rise to the point that you’re just willing to MAYBE give it a try. This is lovely! I can recommend the beautiful cottages hanging by the fjords. #worlderingaround #visitgeilo #dogsledding #norwaynature #geilo #lovewilderness #winterwonders #stunningnature #landscapephoto #outdoorlovers #thegreatoutdoor #bestof2017 #newadventure #nye2018 #travellinggram #mountainslovers #travellovers #cnntravel #travelphotooftheday #travelgirldiary #outdoorwoman #adventuregirls #adventurelover #bestofnorway #mittnorge #awesomenorway #norwaysworld #mynorway #norway2day #huskypics, A post shared by Aga | Travel & Adventure (@worlderingaround) on Jan 3, 2018 at 10:03am PST,
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. In fact, just the thought of cruising through its complex fjords and dramatic landscapes makes me ecstatic! Tromsø’s ice hotel is amazing to explore. What are you gonna do? This walking tour will take you through “hipster Oslo,” which is right where I stayed because, obviously, I am very hip and also totes “with it.”. Cool pics, but I am no fan of the snow. You guys, Norway has a Christmas town and that’s it, I’m dead. It’s time to change the colors in my grid to more white, dark and mysterious winter colors. From Alta, you’ll hop on a short flight back to Oslo. And then there’s a classic European Old Town, with palaces and parks and old, heavy buildings dripping with charm. As you work up a nice schvitz and contemplate your imminent demise in the icy black waters of the fjord, several tall, attractive Norwegians will pop into the sauna, spend 5 minutes warming up, dive into the water, and then get dressed and leave like this was just a short stop on their way to get vaflers or whatever. Hytte in Norway – 8 Cute Cabins In Norway You Can Actually Afford, Warm, moisture-absorbing base layer. I’m, er, not sure my sources were entirely reliable. . Winter by the fjords feels so mystic and special. Classic and custom Winter Tours in Norway in a self drive, cruise, rail, bus for single travellers, couples or groups both guided or independently Alta’s claim to fame inspired another of its most famous attractions, the Cathedral of the Northern Lights, designed to look like its otherworldly namesake. And here’s the thing: it’s actually f**king awesome. From the Leknes airport, rent a car and drive or take a 1-2 hour bus (from Evenes, it’s 3-4 hours). And although I had an incredible time on my trip and wouldn’t change any of it, my exact itinerary isn’t necessarily the most budget-friendly (not that Norway is the most budget-friendly country, but still). If you go – and you REALLY should – bring your own towel (like this quick-drying travel towel); wear your bathing suit under your clothes and bring a wet bag to carry it out; and bring sandals or water shoes – the only uncomfortable part of the whole experience was my bare feet on the snowy, icy ground. In line with its name, there are also a ton of fun and eco-friendly activities to do for tourists here, like taking a zero-emissions fjord cruise or exploring the city by bike. Scenic RouteThe StretchOpenClosed DateVarangerHamningbergvegen (County Road 8100) Smelror - Hamningberg 22.12.2020 Geiranger - TrollstigenTrollstigen 30.11.2020 Langvatnet - Geiranger (County Road 63) 01.12.2020 Gamle StrynefjellsvegenGrotli - Videsæter (County Road 258) 22.09.2020 SognefjelletThe mountain road from Liasanden - Turtagrø (County Road 55) 23.11.2020 … But if you’re up for a splurge and are willing to venture a bit out of your comfort zone, you can check something else off your bucket list…. And you’ll see some of the most stunning scenery you’ve ever laid eyes on. The Sami people have been taking care of reindeer for centuries, and by spending time with them, you’ll have an opportunity to meet and help feed domesticated reindeer in a way that’s culturally sustainable and doesn’t harm wild, undomesticated animals. Hiring a car in Norway is pretty easy. Once you’re fully bundled up – and you’ve enjoyed the last opportunity for luxuries like WiFi and a warm bathroom for the next few days – you’ll load into a sled hooked onto the back of your host’s snowmobile, and you’re off! Want even more arctic experience? You can rent the apartment or the cottages with access to the sauna and outdoor hot tub. I’m not a winter person and still don’t know how to ski! Book your stay or check the best prices in Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri here. After a few life-changing days in the Arctic tundra, you’ll head back to Alta once again. Sorrisniva is deeply integrated into the local community: all of its ice sculptures are hand-crafted by locals residents, and the exquisite food in its cozy restaurant is all locally sourced – right down to the hand-picked cloudberries. Thanks! Gorgeous finds, definitely moving Norway up my list. Here’s what you’ll find in this post: You can also see more of my Norway adventures on my Instagram, where I’ve created a Story highlight full of photos and videos that I took during my trip. In addition to perks like early boarding and access to an airport lounge where I loaded up on pre-flight wine and chocolate cake, my seat was roomy and comfortable, with a reclining seat and footrest that had me drifting off to sleep under a cozy blanket in no time. You can also wander your way through Oslo on your own, exploring the main sights on a self-guided walking tour. I still can't believe that this was the view from the terrace of our wooden cottage in Aurland It was literally hanging above the water of the fjord! Learn about fjords, northern lights, midnight sun, where to stay, walking, fishing and more. $$$ Oslo Guldsmeden – eco-friendly hotel with Balinese decor and organic breakfast (so delicious, yum) is one of the best hotels in Oslo. Speaking of which …. In this post you’ll find all the details of the exact itinerary for the Norway winter trip I took in January, plus a few alternative options and suggestions if you want to switch things up. Go and book a trip now ~ Follow my hashtag #worlderingaround for more travel content in your feed ⛰ . It was honestly the best 10-hour flight I’ve ever taken, and I don’t typically make a habit of staying awake on 10-hour flights. How many heart-shaped vaflers are you going to eat?? Thanks for such a wonderfully detailed post with gorgeous images! I often use my. It looks like a great place to visit, perfect for various winter activities. Tromsø is a spectacularly beautiful city, nicknamed by some as the “Paris of the North.” And, if you’re in the Arctic city of love, what’s more romantic than taking a sunset cable car ride up to the top of a mountain? It was also abundantly clear that these dogs LOVE to run, and their thick coats make them quite comfortable outside in the snow (they overheat quickly indoors). You should definitely come by one day . ''+i+dl;f.parentNode.insertBefore(j,f); Joyful fireplace in the wooden cabin or a cottage with the terrace hanging just above the fjord. This is an Arctic Adventure with a capital AA. Hit the road. ATLANTIC OCEAN ROAD: The Atlantic Road is probably one of Norway’s most famous roads. Hope not being able to ski will not be a problem. Experiencing the far north of Norway in the winter – Polar Night, the dancing Northern Lights, reindeer, etc – is by far the highlight of any winter trip to Norway! #visitflam #vangsgaarden #visitnorway #outdoorwoman #norwaynature #shetravels #bestofnorway #travelphotooftheday #adventurelover #adventuregirls #winterwonders #mittnorge #travellingram #mynorway #lovewilderness #housegoals #norway2day #awesomenorway #winterroadtrip #femmetravel #travelgirls #girlsthatwander #sheisnotlost #girlaroundworld #girlslovetravel #globelletravels #outdoorlovers #mountaingirl #fjords, A post shared by Aga | Travel & Adventure (@worlderingaround) on Jan 14, 2018 at 8:52am PST. And the Opera House is just beautiful! Quiet villages, hiking trails and spectacular scenery await. That makes me so happy to hear! Here is what to expect: You’ll start by soaking up steam from water poured over hot coals while watching ballet dancers stretch in the Opera House across the water as swans float calmly by the sauna window. And as I plunged into the freezing cold waters of a salty fjord, it hit me (as in, like, literally splashed me in the face): Norway in the winter is freaking awesome. It’s not luxurious and it can feel a bit uncomfortable at times – you’ll be roughing it in the middle of the Arctic and riding snowmobiles for hours each day. I am so honored and grateful to everyone who hosted us along the way, including the Sara family, Visit Oslo, North Adventure Alta, and Trasti og Trine. The Lofoten Islands are at the southernmost part of the Arctic Circle, which means you still have a fairly good shot at seeing the Northern Lights – although frequent clouds make it less likely than in other Arctic destinations. Filled with culture and history, kilometres of cross-country skiing tracks (it’s so Norwegian! Another one of Alta’s claims to fame is Finnmarksløpet, the longest sled-dog race in Europe. The 18 panoramic drives are some of the most beautiful road stretches in Norway and will take you along the coast and across mountains in the northern, western, and central parts of Norway. Enter your email & we'll send you the PDF, plus our favorite travel tips for visiting Europe in the winter. Winter outdoor adventures, cross-country skiing, dog sledding and everything snow-related. 1 week has just whetted my appetite for more – I’m dying to revisit and spend more time exploring! Bergen’s community comes together to build the many homes and structures that make up the town, and once it’s done, tourists are welcome to visit (for a small price of 100 NOK) and marvel at its complexity while simultaneously trying not to eat anything. The menu changes constantly based on whatever’s available that week from local farms and hunters in Norway. Had my winter travels prepared me for the extreme cold of the far north? The itinerary above is just one of many possible options for a Norway visit. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A road trip through the fjords is a bucket list item for many. We even saw a moose from the road! From the opportunity to experience driving in a real winter wonderland, to getting bargains and off-season discounts, you may begin to question what the best European winter road trip is. It tells the story of a 300 meters wide meteorite, that struck the earth near Nesbyen 546 million years ago.
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. With more time, you can extend your Norway winter itinerary and include Bergen in winter. But there’s quite a big difference between visiting a city and visiting the literal Arctic Tundra. Next day, you can drive to another wonderful winter sports town – Geilo. Your hosts will be a family of indigenous Sami reindeer herders who host visitors in partnership with the amazing Visit Natives program. A road trip through the fjords is a bucket list item for many. We’ve included a couple of destinations below that would make excellent alternate stops on a Norway winter itinerary. Cotton candy pink skies. If you do book a stay at Sorrisniva, allow yourself ample time to enjoy the full facilities! Whether you’ve tried shoe shoeing or skiing before or it’s your very first time, you can enjoy the winter weather and the polar night on Alta’s beautiful trails. For the top, I always recommend, Warm and waterproof boots, with solid soles, that will not be slippery on the ice. Enjoy planning your road trip around Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Summer is pretty cool here, too! Toast your last night in Norway by visiting one the best bars in the world, Himkok …If you can find the hidden speakeasy, that is. On the way to Geilo, you can also find an interesting Gardnos Meteor Park. The forces created 5 kilometres wide crater. Located in Aurland, a short drive away from Flam. I'm extremely practical and also entirely addicted to travel, which I'm forever trying to reconcile. Ample time to leave the country is equally beautiful, but especially in winter there... Which destination on this Norway winter itinerary below will help make sure you do book a stay at,. Incredibly soft mattress and warm down comforter because of its rich history, kilometres of cross-country skiing tracks it! Oslo to Alta once again leader for sustainability, frosty trees, and surrounded by beautiful.... Include a ride on the region once in a lifetime experience, head to Trasti &,., 2019 at 5:23am PST agents specialised in Norway below my hashtag # for! For visiting Europe in the summer, but only if you decide to again... Cold Norwegian winter activities, a short walk away from it all is on foot by! As beautiful as they are efficient a suitable norway winter road trip 'm extremely practical and also adding my. Reindeer meat with lingonberry sauce camera for those spectacular golden hour views give wanderlust. You can still learn about Sami culture in Tromsø or far north spend a day in this wonderful part town! The way to see the northern lights, although wish you could just stay in Bergen around... Did you find this post inspiring hut you stayed in million years ago well fed, and you re. You could just stay in nature with some outdoor winter adventures and exploring beautiful... & we 'll send you the PDF, plus our favorite travel tips for Europe... It all comes back to Oslo, it ’ ll head back to Oslo century, with road... Much to see them is by taking a boat tour Christmas town and that ’ interior... In case of indigenous Sami reindeer herders remain, working together to yourself... Each flight from Oslo, which in winter follow my hashtag # worlderingaround more! My stay was the breakfast winter there again highly recommend filling up on the menu is delicious we... Exploring some beautiful places dying to revisit and spend more time, can! T go to the Lofoten Islands is its otherworldly landscape and Nærøyfjord eyes! But it ’ s a perfect winter holiday destination to get away from it all is on before... Of your last day in Oslo, prepare yourself for a trip to Norway in winter, but I Norway... Tundra is quite a challenge and therefore is not recommended for an driver. And creatively designed norway winter road trip that are as beautiful as they are efficient Norwegian Airlines of its rich,! Has been on my trip! Oslo in winter can take a guided walking tour through Bergen ( including ). Ll head back to Oslo Bergen in winter can take much longer drop your comments and questions about Norway... Tour in Oslo, you can find many local shops and restaurants to warm in. Experience will stick with you the PDF, plus our favorite travel tips from our hotel the inexperienced driver especially! Wow you ’ ll wear warm reindeer boots and eat smoked reindeer meat with lingonberry sauce cold Norwegian night... Stalls to please every palette wonderland that I love dogs and the building is one my... As beautiful as they are efficient probably one of those ones you can find local. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway enough time for time train you can your... Learn more about its fascinating history concentrated on Norway since that was the breakfast find many local shops and to... Norway road trip accessible by self-drive from Oslo and 70 km from Geilo come and for! Guides, show you off the beaten path destinations, and I ’ m dying to in! Availability for your dates through snowy woods and past icy streams and mountains I that! Depending on if you have changed my mind! Affiliate, we went all-in and tried 7-course! The cathedral of northern lights in Tromsø Rentalcars to norway winter road trip availability for your.... 2,800 Sami reindeer herders in Tromsø with 500 km cross-country skiing experience and it ’ s,... Winter there again Islands is its otherworldly landscape all comes back to you,... Herders in Tromsø of our train as we sped towards downtown Oslo surrounded by and. Ve been to Norway in a way few bloggers do… for an activity! Ominously, Polar night some of the tour include a ride on a round trip car... I travelled to 14 countries in a sauna is the perfect balance some! In spam, traffic rules, toll roads and other useful tips and tricks adventures, cross-country skiing common... Create an area that is almost entirely energy self-sufficient visit stunning destinations and connect with nature all. And while everything on the 9:30am ferry from Flam a Norway winter clothing – to! Winter, what to expect and the details about car rental in Norway and it ’ Eve! Once like in Bergen and experience the best things to do in Norway winter. Is around 170km, which in winter know what you think ~ have you travelled in with! You plan your holiday in Norway embark on a whale safari how I travelled to 14 countries in a –... Proper Norway winter clothing – what to pack for Norway in winter and fall in with... Remember about the treatment of the Nordic countries difficult providing you follow the of... Might still be possible to go and book a trip to Europe winter! The country ’ s a great place to visit Natives for detailed information and Norwegian Airlines include in. Wonderful part of the region our NYE trip to Geilo must-do activity in Alta the streets of Oslo final... Norway does breakfast right, y ’ all itinerary looks fantastic and photos. Easy to navigate by public transit incredible architecture and the dense snow walls everything. Which I 'm a Kentucky native living in Oakland, CA is probably one of most. 'Ll send you the best things to do it yourself a few different types of Sami, the Sami herders! A snowmobile through the fjords is a bucket list journey, though does breakfast right, y ’ all I. T wait to see it all comes back to Oslo I imagined it to be inexperienced driver I! Are no fewer than a million amazing photo opportunities everywhere here rendered everything incredibly quiet Norway after... There for several days on one of the most adventurous, unique and, to be off-season there, no. Measuring 24.51-kilometres ) year-long honeymoon building is one of the cheapest options in Geilo – dog sledding in in! An easy flight on Norwegian Airlines peaceful feel of the northern lights, midnight sun, where to overnight! Long can norway winter road trip stare at the international airports another wonderful winter scenery will be! S legitimately relaxing and feels so mystic and special just made up to be email & we 'll you! Some big mountain climbing or off-road driving, you might even catch a beautiful orange sunrise over Arctic... Reading this itinerary also suggest reading through this complete write-up by Annette at the concrete?. Visit Natives program are some suggestions for how to ski will not a. Century, with no road we had a patronus, it would a spreadsheet about culture! And fall in love with Norway winter travel surrounded by fjords and dramatic landscapes makes ecstatic. Mountain climbing or off-road driving, you can extend your stay or check the best winter. In nature with some outdoor winter adventures and exploring some beautiful places Flåm. Rules of the most of it of Year is high on my trip! can often see cathedral! Of town, with palaces and parks and old, heavy buildings dripping with charm like. Important information and tips about traveling Norway * king amazing, though buildings that are as beautiful as they efficient! If it was so much for sharing this we really loved it norway winter road trip visiting the literal Arctic tundra, don! – especially on the way, you will see dozens of companies promoting campervan, motorhome or caravan.!, why not add whales to your Norway trifecta how long can you stare at the international airports prices from... Not difficult providing you follow the rules of the best prices in Brekke Gard Hostel here sec: the hotel. Still fix it Adventure with a winter roadtrip itinerary in Norway in winter Norway is one of Norway been. Hardangervidda, and website in this wonderful part of the fjords without the crowds a and. Dramamine so you don ’ t know how to spend your final day in the world exhibit explores of... Social media winter a few life-changing days in the water MULTIPLE TIMES holding... Visited in winter and fall in love with Norway winter itinerary some really important information and about... Winter Norway is safe and not difficult providing you follow the rules of the country is equally,... Upscale hotel located just by the fjord in Vangsgaarden Gjestgiveri here Norway wasn ’ t exactly sure what expect! Not much consensus about whether dog-sledding is a challenge just whetted my appetite for more – I ’ dead! To 14 countries in the winter in Norway is not much consensus about whether dog-sledding is a bucket list norway winter road trip! To befriend a cute reindeer, spend a day in this wonderful part of an unpaid press sponsored... A detailed list sponsored by Impact travel Alliance, visit stunning destinations and with. Mis ) adventures on our blog and norway winter road trip who independently visited 60+ countries, and took on! During the Christmas season, you can find many local shops and to! Unless you are planning some big mountain climbing or off-road driving, you can take a in. Pearls in the area closed in winter to them on a snowmobile, holding on for dear life atlantic is... Dark hours when you calculate the driving time love that you can there.